Fund a Fairer Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the inequality in our community like never before. The most vulnerable people in our community are doing it tough right now. We are experiencing a jobs crisis and a climate crisis.

Labor has a plan for economic recovery that creates local jobs and takes real action on the biggest challenge of our time – climate change.

If elected, a Federal Labor Government will fund a fairer future by investing:

  • $20 billion to modernise Australia’s energy grid to make Australia a renewable energy superpower and create thousands of new jobs. The pandemic has shown that not only can Australia do our part in tackling the global climate crisis but we can lead the way. After years of inaction from the Coalition Government, we will rewire the nation to unlock our full renewable energy potential. This will lay the ground work for huge investment in renewable energy under a future Federal Labor Government. We will deliver real action on climate change, reach net zero emissions by 2050 and reduce power prices. Watch my recent speech in Parliament on this proposal.
  • $6 billion to make childcare more affordable, empowering more women to get back to work and providing quality care for our children. The Working Family Child Care Boost will make childcare more affordable for 97% of families. Many parents want to go back to work or do more hours but find it just isn’t worth it because they don’t take home enough pay. Many parents actually lose money if they work a fourth or fifth day. Labor’s plan will remove the barriers that are holding second income earners – mostly women – back from work. With more women losing their jobs or hours at work during the recession than men, Labor’s plan ensures that women can get back to work. Watch my recent speech in Parliament on this proposal.
  • $500 million to fast-track repairs to public housing, improving conditions for residents and creating thousands of local jobs. Right now, there are 100,000 social housing dwellings around the country that are in urgent need of repair. Repairs could start almost immediately, providing work for local plumbers, chippies, sparkies, plasterers and painters as well as companies that manufacture building supplies and materials. This would also provide opportunities for apprentices. This investment would be a win-win. It would provide work for local tradies, and fix homes that need to be fixed. Public housing is an issue close to my heart. Like Labor Leader Anthony Albanese, I grew up in public housing and have spoken out about how having access to good, affordable housing helped level the playing field and offer me real equality of opportunity. Labor has a plan for repairing homes that need fixing Labor has a plan and Labor will bring develop a comprehensive plan for the repair and construction of social housing. Watch my recent speech in Parliament on this proposal.

Labor has a plan for economic recovery that will invest a fairer future, create local jobs and make Australia a renewable energy superpower. If you would like to discuss these proposals further, please email me at or call my office on (03) 9350 5777.