It’s Time For Multinationals To Pay Their Fair Share

Most people pay their fair share of tax.

So why should the biggest multinational companies get away with paying zero tax in Australia?

Did you know that 1 in 3 large companies paid zero tax in Australia last year? And that many more paid next to nothing.

Vodafone: total income $3 billion, paid zero tax

Ikea: total income $1 billion, paid zero tax.

Facebook: total Income $582 million, paid only 2.6% tax.

On top of this, 80 companies have paid zero tax in Australia for 6 straight years.

It is time they pay up.

This is an issue I am passionate about because every dollar lost through tax-avoidance tactics is money lost to our kid’s education. To our health care. To protecting our natural environment. To looking after our older Australians in their retirement. To the NDIS. To reducing the cost of childcare.

Watch my speech on how Australia can make big companies pay their tax.

You can read my discussion paper, ‘Taxing Times: It’s Time for Multinationals to Pay Up’ here.

Read media coverage on my discussion paper in The Age, and The Australian and listen to my radio interviews on 3AW, and ABC Radio Melbourne.

I am speaking out on behalf of you, every worker, every small business owner and every single person in our local community who is worse off because companies making huge profits in Australia use their armies of tax lawyers to avoid paying their fair share of tax.

Australia can take action right now to stamp out this tax-avoidance, as I spoke about in my speech.