Let’s Bring More Manufacturing Jobs Back Home

Watch my recent speech in Parliament on bringing local manufacturing jobs back home and making Australia more competitive and self-sufficient.

For decades we have seen Australian manufacturing move overseas and well-paid secure jobs go with it. COVID-19 has shown that we can’t keep relying on overseas supply chains. With nearly two million Australians out of work, it’s time to bring back local manufacturing and local jobs.

Labor has a plan for an economic recovery that creates local jobs and builds the skills and expertise we need here in Australia.

We will invest in education, training, skills, apprenticeships, research and development and technology to make Australia more competitive and more self-sufficient.

If elected a Federal Labor Government will bring more manufacturing jobs back home by establishing:

  • An Australian Skills Guarantee that requires 1 in 10 workers on federally-funded worksites be apprentices, trainees or cadets, giving locals a foot in the door with a secure well-paid job. This work will be supported by Jobs and Skills Australia, an independent body designed to bring together the business community, states and territories, unions, education providers and regional organisations to match skills training with the evolving demands of industry.
  • A Defence Industry Development Strategy to ensure the $270 billion invested in the sector uses local workers and resources to create skills, expertise and jobs here in Australia. This will put Australian industry, workers and security first for all major defence material procurement and local defence contracts.
  • A National Rail Manufacturing Plan to build more trains in Australia and ensure every dollar of federal funding spent on rail projects creates local jobs. Labor will conduct a national audit of passenger train capacity and condition, develop our rail manufacturing strategy, assess how we can grow jobs and bolster research and development. We will reinstate the important role of the Rail Supplier Advocate (cut by the Liberals in 2013) to help small and medium-sized businesses identify export opportunities and get a foot in the door with government purchasing bodies.

This is just part of our plan to create local jobs and get people back to work. If elected, a Federal Labor Government will also invest:

  • $20 billion to modernise our energy grid, which will create thousands of new jobs, boost our economy by up to $40 billion, drive down power prices and make Australia a renewable energy superpower. This will revitalise traditional industries like steel and aluminium and allow growth in new sectors like hydrogen and battery production.
  • $6 billion to make childcare more affordable, removing barriers for workers and small business owners to get back to work. Labor’s Working Family Child Care Boost will make childcare more affordable for 97% of families and remove financial barriers that disincentivise small business owners and parents from taking on full-time work.

Labor has a plan for our economic recovery that brings local manufacturing jobs and invests in training and skills to make Australia more competitive and self-sufficient. If you would like to discuss these proposals further, please email me at Peter.Khalil.MP@aph.gov.au or call my office on (03) 9350 5777.