Appointment of New SBS Managing Director


Peter Khalil, the Federal Member for Wills, extends his congratulations to James Taylor on his appointment as Managing Director of SBS.

Prior to his election to Federal Parliament in 2016, Mr Khalil served as Executive Director of Corporate Affairs and Communication at SBS, working alongside Mr Taylor in his previous capacity as Chief Financial Officer.

“I am confident James Taylor will be a strong and inspiring leader at SBS, in implementing his vision for the SBS he will no doubt bring his wealth of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the operations of our multicultural broadcaster,” said Mr Khalil.

“In light of the recent attacks on our public broadcasters by the Coalition Government, it is more important than ever that SBS has strong and effective leadership to defend the vital role that SBS plays for multicultural communities and in the promotion of public debate.”

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison reignited the debate around a potential amalgamation of the SBS and ABC; a statement which inspired harsh criticism of the Morrison Government’s attitude to public broadcasting.

This latest assault on public broadcasting follows the Coalition Government breaking a pre-election promise not to touch public broadcasting funding arrangements and instead cutting $366 million from the ABC since 2014, resulting in 800 job losses.

“I will always be a strong and passionate advocate for our public broadcasters and I look forward to working with Mr Taylor to ensure the continuing  unique role SBS plays in strengthening and celebrating the rich cultural diversity that makes Australia such a wonderful nation.” said Mr Khalil.