Domenica Mimi Tamburrino – Thank You


Peter Khalil: I rise to pay tribute to Domenica Mimi Tamburrino after 37 years of service to the Parliament of Australia and to the Australian Labor Party. During her career, Mimi has worked for former Victorian MLC John Walton, former federal minister the Hon. Gareth Evans and three members for Wills: me for a couple of years, the Hon. Kelvin Thomson for 19 years and the great Labor Prime Minister the Hon. Bob Hawke.

The contribution that Mimi has made to the electorate of Wills is nothing short of extraordinary, so much so that Bob Hawke described her as ‘the de facto member for Wills’ during his time when the rigours of leading the nation pulled him away from the day-to-day responsibilities of being a local representative. It’s doubtful that anybody truly knows the electorate as well as Mimi. Bob also noted that Mimi has worked tirelessly across 13 election campaigns. Most importantly, her effort and dedication has impacted thousands of people, made their lives better, eased their suffering or given them an opportunity that otherwise would not be readily available if they hadn’t seen Mimi.

Mimi Tamburrino’s lasting impact on the people of Wills cannot be summed up in a speech. Her dedication to the job has truly changed lives. Her commitment, her faith, her loyalty and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty will be remembered by tens of thousands who have benefitted from her service to them.

Mimi, on behalf of those who you worked for and Australian Labor Party, thank you for over 40 years of wonderful, remarkable service.