Labor’s Promise to Ensure Catholic Schools Receive the Funding They Deserve


Peter Khalil, the federal member for Wills, has today written to Catholic schools in his electorate to reiterate Labor’s commitment to funding all schools based on a proper assessment of their need, while also supporting parental choice.

Mr Khalil’s letter follows an announcement by Federal Labor leader, Bill Shorten, and Shadow Education Minister, Tanya Plibersek, promising to provide more than $250 million extra in the first two years of a Shorten Labor Government and billions of dollars over ten years.

Under the Coalition model, over the 10 years of the Gonski 2.0 deal, Catholic schools will receive a smaller percentage lift in funding than public and independent schools.

Mr Khalil criticised the Turnbull Government, saying they are harming Catholic schools by overturning half a century of bipartisan policy.

“The Catholic sector had been treated unfairly by the Coalition. They have reduced the rate of funding indexation for all Catholic schools and increased the amount of private income many schools were expected to raise,” said Mr Khalil.

“This is because of the flawed socio-economic status funding scores applied by Senator Birmingham the Minister for Education which ignores  the core issue of the ability of parents to pay fees for Catholic schools, compared with wealthy independent schools.”

“Catholic schools educate about one in every five school students in Australia and there are strong historical ties between Labor and Catholic schools.”

“The Australian Labor Party will stand shoulder to shoulder’ with the Catholic system.”