Open Space at McBryde Street, Fawkner Saved!


Peter Khalil, the Federal Member for Wills, welcomes the finalisation of an agreement between the Victorian Government and the Moreland City Council, for the Victorian Government to sell a parcel of land at McBryde Street, Fawkner, at a discounted price to the Council in order to maintain it as public space.

The agreement follows a strong community campaign to prevent development on the land adjacent to the Merri Creek owned by VicRoads. The Moreland Council had resolved to re-zone the land as a precursor to possible development, which sparked concerns about the loss of open space in a rapidly growing part of the city.

“This is a major win for our community,” said Mr Khalil.

“I’ve spoken often about the importance of protecting our open spaces and as the price of the land in our inner north climbs – we can’t let ourselves forget the value of open, green spaces for all of us to enjoy.”

“I would particularly like to acknowledge the cooperation of Luke Donellan, the Minister for Roads, throughout this process, and for making the land available at a price Council could afford. Also thank the Mayor of Moreland John Kavanagh and the Moreland city council for their efforts during the negotiations and their commitment to open space”

In an email to the Fawkner Residents Association, Moreland Mayor, John Kavanagh, said,

“I would also like to thank our Federal Member for Wills, Mr Peter Khalil, who worked tirelessly with Council and the community and helped us to get our request through to the minister for his consideration.”

Mr Khalil made numerous representations to the Victorian Government and Moreland Council to negotiate and reach agreement and led a walk with residents through the land in March 2017.


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