Peter Khalil MP Launches Restored Ms Saffaa Mural in Brunswick East


Peter Khalil, Federal Member for Wills, officially launched the restored Ms Saffaa mural at Moroccan Deli-Cacy in Brunswick East on Sunday afternoon.

A mural at the same location by prominent street artist and activist Ms Saffaa was defaced in February 2017. The Guardian reported on the defacement at the time, with the artist herself describing it as a “personal attack on Muslim women.”

In the wake of the defacement, Mr Khalil led a community fundraising campaign to restore the mural, raising almost $1000 in a matter of days.

That money has been used to restore the mural, which was officially opened on Sunday afternoon.

“In a callous act of vandalism a mural at this very location was defaced around this time last year. Twelve months later, following a groundswell of community support, we are here celebrating the launch of a new mural,” said Mr Khalil.

“The mural is the product of the creative contributions of a range of local and international artists led by Ms Saffaa. Like its predecessor it speaks to the same powerful message: the empowerment of women.”

The mural is located at 313 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057