Wills Celebrates Refugee Week 2018


Refugee Week 2018 is an important opportunity for refugees living in the electorate of Wills be seen, listened to, and valued, as they contribute to our vibrant and diverse local community.

“I’m proud to be celebrating the diversity, contributions, and stories of those who have sought a safer place to live in Australia and now call Wills home,” said Peter Khalil, the federal member for Wills.

“Australia is a nation built on migration and we must recognise and celebrate refugees who have gone on to make invaluable contributions across Melbourne – in our communities, our schools and universities, in business, and even on the sporting pitch.”

“As the Federal Member for Wills, I’m looking forward to celebrating alongside our community at a screening of ‘Where Have We Come To’ at Brunswick Town Hall this Saturday as part of the Refugee Week 2018.”

In Wills, there are a number of wonderful, committed, and hard-working organisations, such as the Salvation Army, Merri Community Health Services and AMES Australia who help refugees across settle in our community.

According to the UNHCR, there are currently nearly 22.5 million refugees worldwide – over half of whom are under the age of 18. Australia has a role to play in helping address the global humanitarian crisis – which is why Labor took a commitment to the last Federal Election to increase Australia’s annual humanitarian intake to 27,000 by 2025.

Refugee Week is also a time to better understand the challenges that face refugees – from the conflicts or persecution they have fled, to the struggles of integrating and making a new life for themselves in Australia.

Refugee Week runs from 17-23 June and encompasses United Nations World Refugee Day on 20 June and I encourage everyone to join in celebrating the rich diversity of refugees who now call Wills home.