Wills Electorate: Brunswick Bowling Club Centenary


Peter Khalil: I’m wearing the commemorative medal for the Brunswick Bowling Club centenary—100 years for the Brunswick Bowling Club. I was there on the weekend, rolled the first bowl of the year and declared the green open for competition. It was very exciting. Like many bowls clubs in Melbourne, the Brunswick Bowling Club grew to its height in the seventies, when it was very popular. It had over 500 members, but over the last couple of decades it began to dwindle. In 2007 they got right down to 11 members, and they avoided being dissolved by a single vote. But, since then, the club has flourished again, with 180 new members and counting. And, even though they only had division 1 championship success back in 1959, I reckon they’re going to do it again pretty soon because they’ve got a strong membership base full of colourful characters who have won a couple of sectional pennants in the past few years.

The club itself has become a focal point for the Brunswick community. It’s a great place to socialise. Barefoot bowls with a beer has become very popular and is something that people have a lot of fun with. It’s really a great place to meet the locals. Two years ago, I had my election night party at the Brunswick Bowling Club. I hope to do that again at the next election. I’d like to thank the club president, Cam Foley, the secretary, Malcolm Moore, and the entire club committee for welcoming me on the weekend, and I wish them every success for the 2018-19 season. Well done for reaching 100 years!