I need your help to send a clear message to the Morrison Government on climate change

The Government has released their ‘Technology Investment Roadmap’ discussion paper for public feedback until 21 June. The paper outlines what you and I already know – that renewable energy is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy for Australia. What we also know however is that when it comes to accepting the reality of climate change, facts matter little to this Government.

This paper examines 140 different technologies but it does not commit to a 2050 net zero emissions target, despite all states already doing so. Without a long-term emissions reduction target, this discussion paper is just another delaying tactic by this Liberal-National Government, who continue to fail to act on climate change. So I need your help.

Our community is home to thousands of people like me and you who care about real action on climate change and want to hold this government to account on their inaction. That is why I plan to make a submission about the Technology Investment Roadmap on behalf of our community here in Wills, calling on the Government to commit to an ambitious emissions reduction target and actually invest in cheap, clean renewable energy for Australia’s energy future. I want to share your voice directly with the Government and make it clear that the people of Wills will not accept inaction on climate change.

We cannot miss this important opportunity to make our demands clear before the Government announces their final technology and investment policy in September. I hope you can join me by sharing your thoughts, reflections and opinions on this discussion paper available to view via this link. I will then collate and submit these on behalf of our community when I am in Canberra this month.

To be included in the Wills submission, please complete this form or email me at Peter.Khalil.MP@aph.gov.au with your contribution before Tuesday 16 June.