Wills Virtual Town Hall

As we begin to imagine what life beyond COVID-19 should and could look like, I want to hear from you.

The crisis has been devastating and it has impacted each and every person in our community. 

We also have a unique opportunity to ask – where to next?

How can we transform our society for the better? How do we ensure social justice and equality of opportunity for all? What does a fair recovery – one that leaves no one behind – look like? How can we tackle climate change and rebuild a sustainable economy?

In such a critical time in the history of our nation and the world, these are enormously important questions.  I want to hear your ideas about how we recover and how we rebuild. I hope you can join me to share these ideas at a virtual town hall at the end of this month.

So many political leaders and experts are offering their opinions at the moment but I want this to be different. I want to listen to you.

I want give you the platform to share your insights with me and other members of our community.

Everything is on the table! How has COVID-19 impacted your life? What experiences have you had that could help inform the way our economy and society operates in the future? What isn’t being talked about?  I hope you can join me to share your questions, answers, ideas or even just to listen to others.