Providing More Support for Veterans to Get Jobs


A Shorten Labor Government will commit $121 million to a comprehensive Veterans Employment Policy to provide greater support to our defence personnel as they transition to civilian life.

This means there would be greater support for veterans and transitioning ADF personnel in the Wills electorate who are moving into the civilian workforce.

Labor’s plan will help our veterans into good jobs by doing more to boost recognition of their significant skills and experiences, and better support those veterans in the Wills electorate moving into the civilian workforce.

Best estimates cite veterans’ unemployment as sitting at 30 per cent. For those who did not medically discharge, there is an estimated 11.2 per cent unemployment rate – which is more than double the national rate. This is unacceptable.

Labor’s comprehensive policy will provide greater support to our defence personnel as they transition to civilian life and focuses on the following;

  • Helping businesses to train veterans
  • A new veterans’ employment service
  • Expanding access to additional education and civilian training
  • Translating the experience of veterans

Our targeted measures will strengthen the quality and number of career opportunities for our veterans to ensure their many skills and experience lead to meaningful employment.

When our men and women undertake to serve their country, we make a commitment to them and their family to support them after their time in the ADF. Preparing and working with those leaving the defence force to move into meaningful employment is a key element of successful transition from the ADF to civilian life.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kat Theodosis (KHALIL) – 0432 243 569

Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra