Real Action On Climate Change

Calling out the Morrison Government’s failure to commit to net zero emissions in Parliament.

Since I was elected in 2016, I have been committed to strong action on climate change. I care deeply about safeguarding our planet and our climate – I have two young children and I want to leave them a better world. I know that this is something the people of Wills deeply care about too.

The science is loud and clear.

For years scientists have been telling us that climate change will make our bushfire seasons longer and more intense. The bushfires we witnessed across our country during the last bushfire season were utterly devastating.

We need to take urgent action.  

Federal Labor and I will always treat climate change with the seriousness it deserves, which is why we declared a climate emergency in the parliament in 2019.

That’s why Labor Leader Anthony Albanese announced that a Labor Government will make Australia carbon-neutral by 2050 – something the Liberal-National Government has refused to commit to.

The Liberal-National Government continues to deny the seriousness of climate change.

Unlike them, Labor and I want to see strong, urgent action on climate change, and we have a plan to do it.

Federal Labor will invest $20 billion to modernise Australia’s energy grid. After years of inaction from the Coalition Government, our network is unprepared for the massive investment in renewable energy that a Federal Labor Government would make. Federal Labor will deliver real action on climate change, ensure massive investment in renewable energy creating thousands of new jobs and lower power prices.

As we transition to net zero emissions, we will create the jobs and drive the boost economic opportunities that will modernise and set up our economy and for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower.

No workers or communities will be left behind.

We must do all this for our prosperity and to protect future generations from dangerous climate change that would see even worse emergencies than those we have already seen.

A federal Labor government will also champion climate action on the global stage using our diplomatic efforts to push other big emitters to reduce their global emissions.

I know that we as a nation can meet the challenge of reaching net zero emissions.

I know that we can become a renewable energy superpower.

Only Labor can achieve real action on climate change.