Town Hall with Tanya Plibersek

As Federal Labor’s Shadow Minister for Women and Shadow Minister for Education, Tanya has played a leading role in holding the Morrison Government to account for their failures.

When it comes to Scott Morrison’s failing of Australian women and the education sector, the examples are endless.

He refused to allow a speech by Brittany Higgins be read out in Parliament, he refused to meet with women at the March 4 Justice rally and he refused to implement all recommendations of the Respect@Work report to address sexual harassment in the workplace.

He has cut university funding, slapping students with increased costs after refusing to provide financial support for the sector throughout the pandemic, disproportionately impacting courses and jobs done by women.

At the federal election in May, Australians will have a choice between the tired Liberal-National Government entering another decade in office or electing a Federal Labor Government with Tanya Plibersek as a Minister.

I hope you can join me and Tanya to talk about Federal Labor’s plans to take real action on women’s safety and economic security and our plans to invest in education and training on Tuesday 22 March.