Plight of Rohingya's in Burma

September 14, 2017

I welcome the Australian government's response of an additional $5 million to help in this crisis. The Australian contribution is welcome, but let's be honest about this: we need to do more.

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Australia's Energy Crisis

September 12, 2017

After five years of failure from the Liberals, Australia is now in the middle of a major energy crisis. People in my electorate of Wills has seen their electricity bills go up on average to $721 and in Sydney, it's almost a thousands dollars per year.

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His Holiness Pope Tawadros II

September 06, 2017

It's a great honour and joy to welcome His Holiness Pope Tawadros II. As the first Copt to be elected to the federal parliament, it is particularly special for me to have had the privilege to host him today.

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Democracy and Human Rights in Turkey

September 05, 2017

I call on the Australian government to make direct representation to the Turkish government, imploring them to ensure that democracy and democratic principles within Turkey are upheld and protected and to release all politicians, journalists and academics who have been arbitrarily detained without proper trial.

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Esso Dispute

September 04, 2017

Back in June this year, 220 maintenance workers at Esso in Victoria employed by contractor UGL were terminated and offered their jobs back with a cut of up to 30 per cent of their wages and the introduction of a roster that will see them lose very valuable time with their families.

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Legitimacy of the Turnbull Government

August 17, 2017

The High Court will deliberate on the legitimacy of the Deputy Prime Minister's eligibility to be in the House, but I question the legitimacy of the government's policies. The political point is that the government holds power by one vote.

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